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The Big Move


The Big Move is a documentary series directed by Mariloup Wolfe on Canal Vie

Through a series of 10 episodes, Mariloup Wolfe follows 10 urban families who leave the city behind in search of a better life in the country. The series chronicles the challenges, fears and decisions that led them to leave the chaos and daily stress of the big city to live the life of their dreams in the country.

In search of a healthier lifestyle, closer to nature and with a stronger sense of community

Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving the city to start fresh in the country with a better quality of life? More and more Quebecers are looking for more space, nature, forests, lakes, fresh air, quiet and community. And the trend is growing.

Quebec, a fascinating place to live

By following our families’ Big Moves, we discovered the ins and outs of life in Quebec’s beautiful countryside. Sure, there’s breathtaking scenery in the Magdalen Islands, Eastern Townships, Gaspésie, Lower North Shore and Laurentians. But is it really cheaper to live in the country? What are the pros and cons? Can a city slicker really be happy out in the middle of the woods? How do the kids feel about leaving their old life and following their parents? Is it worth it?

When the film crew becomes family

Led masterfully by Mariloup Wolfe, The Big Move’s film crew had the privilege of following 10 inspiring and generous families along on their journey out of the city.

(with English subtitles)

For information on acquisition of the format : infos@lustitia.com

The Big Move


Your big move

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The Big Move: A tight-knit community

To make The Big Move, you need to get involved in the community and build new relationships. Join our virtual community to share your tips with other families and learn about the essentials to make your move a success.